Cyber Security

HR Global Solutions has partnered with Crimson Risk, who offers a suite of services not available anywhere in the market. Crimson Risk simplifies an extremely complex and multi-faceted problem by amalgamating deep technical, legal, consulting, data recovery and insurance services into one solution for a client.

This turns complexity into simplicity for those that wish to prevent, living with or working out what to do after the cyber-breach event. Knowing that a cyber-breach has or will happen, Crimson Risk is the critical business asset to utilise.

Protecting business information and assets from cyber-attack is now a top priority for most companies.

The intrusive nature of cyber-attacks is increasing, as are the direct and indirect costs incurred when an attack happens.

Only a fully comprehensive approach pre or post a cyber event, along with the right expertise, can begin to ensure these risks are properly mitigated.

Crimson Risk is a partnership of skilled and informed corporate professionals with a common goal to deliver the highest level of advice, products and services in this specialised and evolving field.

Cyber security is not just a problem for the IT department. With growing Australian and global legislation and fines for data breach, planned and enacted, a company’s Board of Directors must now accept responsibility and proactively manage the situation. 

Cyber risk is now active outside the normal horizon of a business and so in addition to the standard internal IT vulnerabilities and generic lack of administrative controls, they now also emanate widely and activate from external sources such as hackers, external service providers, email intrusion, and internal causes such as malicious disruption, human error, incomplete security protocols or poor education.

In response to this increasing complexity, the market for assessment, insurance, legal, accounting and IT products and services is growing and evolving as companies seek sound and effective ways to improve their management of cyber risk, such that a cyber incident can be managed in advance and limited in impact or avoided completely.

For example, simply buying an insurance policy does not mean your business and its data is protected. Policies available appear to cover losses in the wake of a data breach or loss incident, but they are often misaligned and insufficient in cover due to a lack of understanding or failure to address your specific business risks.

Crimson Risk offers CIS cyber assessment services that are uniquely constructed to assess all areas of your business, department by department, assessing weaknesses and preparedness in all important business areas aimed at detecting and removing the cyber risk before any breach or data loss event occurs.

The average time it takes to detect a data breach is 200 days. Imagine a thief in your house for 200 days without you knowing. Welcome to the real world. “AAMIR LAKHANI, FORTINET LTD”


Raise your knowledge of cyber risk and understand the potential impact to your business.

  • Know your cyber security exposures across the business and supply chain.
  • Have a clear plan for managing cyber events, business continuity and reputation.
  • Make informed business decisions knowing that your risk and regulatory commitments are fully addressed.

CIS will analyse your cyber risk profile and provide a comprehensive operational and information technology risk assessment.

We also provide employee cyber risk training and insurance audits to identify gaps in your current cyber and business risk

policies. This will help you make informed risk management decisions to protect your business from cyber threats.

If you’re not doing scans and penetration tests, then just know that someone else is, and they don’t work for you. “GEORGE GRACHIS, SENIOR CONSULTANT, MAXIS360 - FLORIDA USA”


Can you quantify the damage to your business from a data breach?

The most significant damage to any business is the permanent loss of critical business data, which can be a result of an attack, employee maliciousness, or simply human error.

Our assessments help CEOs and company executives see the full cyber risk picture using multidiscipline cyber risk analysis to uncover weaknesses inherent in business operations. This analysis addresses several dimensions including technology, user behaviour, best practice protocols, and insurance cover.

Businesses face an ever-increasing range of complex and evolving cyber-security threats. Most businesses lack the budgets or expertise to deal with these threats effectively. Costs of on-board experienced IT managers and of continually upgrading hardware and software to keep ahead of new threats can present financial hurdles that make staying up-to-date impossible for many businesses.