Employer WorkCover Representation & Support Services

If your business has a matter before the WorkCover Conciliation or you have a dispute with your WorkCover Claims Agent on how they have admitted liability of a claim, or are not being proactive in managing your WorkCover claims experience, HR Global Solutions are able to assist your business as your employer representative.

HR Global Solutions can provide representation in circumstances where the worker is receiving support, advice and assistance from union delegates or union law firm legal advisors. Workers’ Compensation laws, together with the ever-evolving landscape of case precedents, internal HR teams and some legal professionals may not have the experience to defend claims due to the complexity and formalities involved. Our consultants, solicitors and barristers have advised and appeared in hundreds of Conciliation Conferences, Magistrates’ and County Court hearings, demonstrating their expertise, knowledge and professional ability.

HR Global Solutions also provides strategic WorkCover claims and premium management consultancy service, providing immediate access to expert advice and assistance. Our services can be tailed to meet any business requirements no matter the size of the business, the industry in which they operate in, or the complexity of the issues they are experiencing.

HR Global Solutions provides practical and cost-effective solutions to proactively guide, assist and manage employers claims and premium management experience. HR Global Solutions is committed to completely impact direct and indirect claim costs by providing individually tailored, strategic solutions for complex and difficult claims.

HR Global Solutions can positively impact direct and indirect claim costs by providing individually tailored, strategic solutions for complex and long-term claims management.

HR Global Solutions can assist your business needs where it matters most. Our specialised WorkCover services includes but not limited to;

  • WorkCover Conciliation representation
  • WorkCover Claims Agent representation
  • Accident/Incident investigation services
  • Development of Claims Agent Service level agreements
  • Claims Agent tender process
  • Strategic claims management solutions
  • Premium management solutions
  • Compliance with WorkSafe Provisional Improvement Notice

Contact HR Global Solutions

If you require any of our specialised WorkCover services, or you have an upcoming WorkCover Conciliation Conference, contact our advisors on +61 3 8563 9524. You will receive the required support and assistance from our team of WorkCover Specialists that you can count on.