Expert Face-To-Face HR Consulting With Flexible Services Nation Wide

Industrial relations and enterprise bargaining
HRGS had helped countless medium-to-large businesses deliver on their bargaining objectives – often by swiftly intervening to prevent unlawful industrial action, or by gaining Fair Work Commission approval in contested applications.

Equal opportunity
Our team of seasoned HR professionals will provide guidance and support in navigating compliance in this sensitive area of the law. If a claim arises, we'll draw on a depth of knowledge accumulated over decades spent representing businesses and individuals facing discrimination and equal opportunity claims.

Outplacement Services

Our outplacement services will help your organisation:

  • Ease the distress and trauma caused by redundancy
  • Recognise the contributions of redundant employees
  • Maintain a professional company image and reputation
  • Maintain the morale of existing employees
  • Reduce the risk of legal action by helping redundant employees move forward.

Fair Work Representation Services - Denied a lawyer the right to appear. Internal HR teams and some legal professionals may not have the experience to defend claims effectively at a Fair Work Commission hearing due to the complexity and formalities involved. Our consultants and advisors have appeared in hundreds of conferences and hearings demonstrating their expertise, knowledge and professional aptitude.

WorkCover Representation & Support Services

HR Global Solutions can provide representation in circumstances where the worker is receiving support, advice and assistance from union delegates or union law firm legal advisors. Workers’ Compensation laws, together with the ever