Providing practical and effective HR Solutions

HRGS offers full-service HR Solutions to handle your everyday burdens so you have more time to grow your company, not your overhead. HR Global Solutions (HRGS) offers a wide range of quality services on a flexible contracted or ad hoc basis. Whether it’s providing HR consultancy across the entire spectrum or working with you on just one focused project. We offer practical support and provide businesses with needed HR services, tools, techniques, training, coaching and outsourcing solutions to provide guidance, direction, and best practice HR and compliance techniques. to help you achieve the best possible results. We’re a full-service Human Resource & Industrial Relations consultancy company specialising in all aspects of workforce management – from employee engagements, industrial relations and workplace safety, to disputes, individual grievances and terminations. Our HR consultant do much more than provide advice, we create cost-effective and focused solutions. We’d sooner minimise risk and deescalate, than enter into a long and costly dispute. We've cultivated a vibrant bionetwork where HR professionals, lawyers, tech innovators and business experts collaborate on ground-breaking solutions to real problems. We're proudly a force for positive change, to the benefit of our clients and our profession.