Templated Solutions

Employer and HR Managers Survival Kit

The Kit includes the following Templates, Policies and Resources:

JobKeeper Templates:

  • JobKeeper Agreement to take annual leave template
  • JobKeeper Agreement to take Unpaid Pandemic Leave
  • JobKeeper Agreement to work different days and times letter template
  • JobKeeper Direction to change usual duties or work location letter template
  • JobKeeper Memo-Information for Employees
  • JobKeeper partial stand downs during coronavirus letter template

Contracts of Employment:

  • Alternative Work Arrangements during coronavirus-letter template
  • Pandemic Contingency Casual Employment Agreement
  • Pandemic Contingency Fixed Term Contract
  • Pandemic Full Time or Part Time Employee Employment Agreement
  • Reducing Hours of Work and Rates of Pay Arrangements during coronavirus-letter template

Communication Templates:

  • Coronavirus Continuity Plan Statement
  • Coronavirus Memo-Information for Employees, Customers and Visitors
  • Coronavirus Statement for Customers
  • Pandemic Full Time or Part Time Employee Employment Agreement
  • The Continuation of Business Operations Memo

Emergency Management and Recovery Templates:

  • Emergency management - Recovery Checklist
  • Emergency Management and Recovery Plan Guide-Template
  • Pandemic Contingency Plan Policy

Employee HR Letter Templates:

  • Final Warning-coronavirus-letter Template
  • First and Second Warning-coronavirus-letter Template
  • Formal Notification to Cease Work Due to Coronavirus-letter
  • Letter to employees reminding them of their responsibilities-Template
  • Recording details of meetings with employees-coronavirus-Template
  • Redundancy due to coronavirus-letter Template
  • Rejecting of Flexible Working Arrangements due to coronavirus-letter
  • Stand Down-of-employment-Coronavirus-letter Template
  • Termination of Employment summary dismissal – serious misconduct-coronavirus-letter template
  • Termination of Employment with notice-coronavirus-letter template
  • The Continuation of Business Operations Due to Coronavirus-letter

HR Policies and Procedures Templates:

  • Exposure to Coronavirus Policy
  • Working from Home Policy 

Work Health and Safety Templates:

  • Air Pollution SOP
  • COVID-19 Site Awareness and Responsibilities SWMS
  • Infection Control Airborne Virus Universal Precautions SOP
  • Infection Control Blood Borne Virus Universal Precautions SOP

Total value of templated solutions if purchased individually, would normally retail for $4,125. Employers can now purchase this kit, which includes free updates during the JobKeeper legislation for just $775.00.

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COVID-19 Resource Kit for Workplaces

Resource Kit for Workplaces covers key topical issues relating to:

  • What do I need to do to keep my workers safe and limit the spread of COVID-19?
  • Environmental cleaning & disinfection principles for COVID-19
  • CHECKLIST: What can I do to keep my workers safe at the workplace & limit the spread of COVID-19?
  • CHECKLIST: Cleaning
  • CHECKLIST: Physical distancing
  • CHECKLIST: Health, hygiene & facilities
  • Work health and safety incident notification COVID-19
  • How should I clean if someone at my workplace is suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19?
  • Cleaning to prevent the spread of COVID-19
  • Health screening
  • Building Entry Temperature Screening Policy & Procedure
  • SITE ENTRY: Entry Screening Questionnaire
  • Temperature Check Screening - Next Steps
  • Entry Screening & Temperature Assessment Form
  • Responding to a COVID 19 infection: Do you know what to do in the event of an infection?
  • Adapting my business now and in the future
  • Describe your business to help you plan
  • Getting things up and running
  • Getting things up and running table
  • Adapting my business
  • Plan for re-opening
  • 5 things you can do covid-19
  • COVID-19 at the workplace
  • COVID-19-Risk-Register
  • Recipes to achieve Bleach Solution
  • Recommended Cleaning Supplementary Information
  • What are the main types of face masks?
  • Working from home checklist
  • Working from home Workstation Setup Guide-COVID-19
  • Signs and posters for your workplace

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