Employer Survival Kit Coronavirus Edition 2

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Are you ready to respond to Coronavirus impacts on your business?

HR Global Solutions have now released Edition 2 of the Employer and HR Managers Survival Kit. This latest edition now includes information and valuable resources regarding JobKeeper payments and the changes to the Fair Work Act.

In this Employer and HR Managers Survival Kit, HR Global Solutions provides information, valuable resources practical solutions for organisations and individuals in managing this emerging issue. This Employer Survival Kit -  Edition 2 contains:  

  • Coronavirus Human Resource Kit, and
  • Coronavirus Work Health and Safety Kit, and
  • JobKeeper Payments Kit

This Employer Survival Kit is distinctive in its capacity to assist employers solve and comply with Australian Employment law, their most complex coronavirus problems, from strategy to implementation. HR Global Solutions is differentiated by our capability to execute the advice we provide to help employers in the markets where they operate today and where they want to be in the future.

It is imperative that employers understand that it is not an automatic right to simply stand down, reduce hours, reduce weekly wages or make an employee redundant because of the effects of the pandemic.
We are seeing and experiencing employers simply applying certain rules and processes and not considering the application of employment law.
Recent decisions from Fair Work have already dealt with this, and have forced employers to either repay the reduced wages or reemploy the workers and commerce the process of consultation again with each of the affected employees.
Fair Work has made it clear, if you do not consult and do not consider all other potential options available to the employee, then the employer will be forced to compensate each worker for the reduced or loss of income occurred to date.

Businesses enrolled in the government's JobKeeper scheme who do not pass on the full $1500 payment to employees will be liable for a wide range of significant administrative and criminal sanctions under the tax law and general criminal law.

Our Kit includes the following Templates and Policies:

JobKeeper Templates:

  • JobKeeper Agreement to take annual leave template
  • JobKeeper Agreement to take Unpaid Pandemic Leave
  • JobKeeper Agreement to work different days and times letter template
  • JobKeeper Direction to change usual duties or work location letter template
  • JobKeeper Memo-Information for Employees
  • JobKeeper partial stand downs during coronavirus letter template

Contracts of Employment:

  • Alternative Work Arrangements during coronavirus-letter template
  • Pandemic Contingency Casual Employment Agreement 
  • Pandemic Contingency Fixed Term Contract
  • Pandemic Full Time or Part Time Employee Employment Agreement
  • Reducing Hours of Work and Rates of Pay Arrangements during coronavirus-letter template

Communication Templates:

  • Coronavirus Continuity Plan Statement
  • Coronavirus Memo-Information for Employees, Customers and Visitors
  • Coronavirus Statement for Customers
  • Pandemic Full Time or Part Time Employee Employment Agreement
  • The Continuation of Business Operations Memo

Emergency Management and Recovery Templates:

  • Emergency management - Recovery Checklist
  • Emergency Management and Recovery Plan Guide-Template
  • Pandemic Contingency Plan Policy

Employee HR Letter Templates:

  • Final Warning-coronavirus-letter Template
  • First and Second Warning-coronavirus-letter Template
  • Formal Notification to Cease Work Due to Coronavirus-letter
  • Letter to employees reminding them of their responsibilities-Template
  • Recording details of meetings with employees-coronavirus-Template
  • Redundancy due to coronavirus-letter Template
  • Rejecting of Flexible Working Arrangements due to coronavirus-letter
  • Stand Down-of-employment-Coronavirus-letter Template
  • Termination of Employment summary dismissal – serious misconduct-coronavirus-letter template
  • Termination of Employment with notice-coronavirus-letter template
  • The Continuation of Business Operations Due to Coronavirus-letter

HR Policies and Procedures Templates:

  • Exposure to Coronavirus Policy
  • Working from Home Policy

Work Health and Safety Templates:

  • Air Pollution SOP
  • COVID-19 Site Awareness and Responsibilities SWMS
  • Infection Control Airborne Virus Universal Precautions SOP
  • Infection Control Blood Borne Virus Universal Precautions SOP

Total value of templated solutions if purchased individually, would normally retail for $4,125. Employers can now purchase this kit, which includes free updates during the JobKeeper legislation for just $775.00.