Subscription Service for Organisations with 1-499 Employees

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  • All listed Policies and Procedures:
    - Acceptable Use of IT Facilities Policy
    - Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy
    - Candidate Application for Employment
    - Data Security Contract Clauses for Service Provider Arrangements
    - Data Security Obligations and Arrangements for Employees
    - Employee Employment Agreement
    - Information Privacy Procedure
    - Information Security Operations Management Procedure
    - Information Security Policy
    - Information Technology Cyber Security Policy
    - Master Data Management Policy
    - Password Policy
    - Privacy Policy
    - Social Media Policy
    - Social Networking Policy
    - Use of Computing and Communication Facilities Policy
  • Stay up to date with the latest Cyber law legislation and cases with HR Global Services suite of policies and procedures as legislations and case precedents occur. Content is continuously updated and reviewed by leading external consultants and law professionals, providing exclusive commentary simply other HR Cyber Consultancy companies simply won’t cover.
  • 12 Month - 24 Hour Advice line support services in the event of a breach or related HR issue.